GALAXY II PIANOS 4 wirtualne brzmienia fortepianówGalaxy Steinway 5.1 Vienna Grand Imperial1929 German Baby Grandponad 6,000 sampli w 24 bit (30GB/18GB skomprespwanych) Galaxy II contains three grand pianos: the Vienna Grand (a powerful Bösendorfer Imperial), the 1929 German Baby Grand (a Vintage Blüthner baby grand), and the 5 star awarded Galaxy Steinway in stereo and 5.1 surround. Galaxy II K4 is based on the new Kontakt 4 engine by Native Instruments, presenting new features, better performance and a completely redesigned direct access user interface. Version 4 offers true half pedaling, true repedaling and dynamically playable pedal, damper and string noises when using a continuous sustain pedal. Additional resonance release and noise samples have been added and all the 30GB of samples of Galaxy II have been revised and enhanced. Galaxy Piano’s Version 4 takes the Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection to an new level.Three world class grand pianosGalaxy Steinway 5.1 (Steinway D in 5.1 surround and stereo)Vienna Grand Imperial (96 Key Bösendorfer with incredible low end)1929 German Baby Grand (Vintage Blüthner with a beautiful singing tone)More than 6,000 samples in 24 bit (30GB/18GB with sample compression)13 modeled velocity zones for a wide and smooth dynamic rangeAdditional resonance, release and noise samplesChromatic and multiple velocity resonance and release samplesMulti velocity pedal, damper, hammer and string noisesReal una corda samplesReal overtonesPowered by the Kontakt Player 4 engineNew direct access user interfaceLossless sample compression for better disk streamingTrue half pedaling when using a continuous sustain pedalTrue repedaling and sostenutoNoises dynamically playable with a continuous sustain pedalOne-knob control of tone colour and dynamics.Intelligent EQ for warmth, punch and brillianceSympathetic string resonance with real overtonesFlexible and easy-to-use velocity editorConvolution reverb with many different types of rooms, concert halls and ambienceAdjustable stereo width and positionSpecially designed compressor for pop piano soundsPad MachineWarp Engine for sound design beyond regular piano sounds Reviews:Computer Music/UK: „Overall, Galaxy II is the best piano ROMpler we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.“Samplecraze: „In terms of value for money, I cannot recommend a better piano vsti than Galaxy 2. For features, sounds, playability and the Warp function Galaxy 2 is on it’s own.“Sound on Sound: „Let´s cut to the chase — the piano sounds great.“Virtual Instruments: „It is an ultra realistic playing experience to sit at each of these sampled gems. All three are absolutely gorgeous sounding.“Music Players: „While there are numerous sample-based piano software applications out there, few programs offer control over as many fine details within your sound as Galaxy II.“More infos NI Kontakt Player 4 included in this product!The latest version of Kontakt Player is available through your Native-Instruments Service Center.PCWindows XP (SP2 )/ Vista/ Win7 (32/64 Bit),Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM MacOSX 10.5 / 10.6Intel (!!!) Core Duo 1.66 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM for all1GB free disc space for player installationadditional hard disc space according to the library sizeinternet connection for product activation required (on any computer)DVD driveNote on Support for KONTAKT Player products: Native Instruments only provides Registration/Activation support for KONTAKT Player products. Technical support is managed by the manufacturer of the respective products/lib

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