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Eaton Easy Battery+, 1 license(s)

Services for running UPS/ePDU (Electronic format) – Easy Battery+

Group Power Supply

Manufacturer Eaton

Manufacturer item no. EB001WEB

EAN/UPC 3553340686726


Digital battery voucher: Eaton 5130 2500/3000 2U Eaton 5PX 3000 2U Evolution S 3000 2U Eaton EX 2200 2U/3000 2U Pulsar M 2200 2U/3000 2UThis is a service product which is offering Eaton final customers a complete batteries tray to exchange their batteries. The whole batteries exchange process will be therefore much quicker and safer than swapping batteries one by one.

Main features


License quantity 1 license(s)

Extended details


License quantity 1 license(s)

Service included Parts

Repairs performed onsite Y

Parts replacement Y

Compatibility Eaton 5PX 3000i RT2U

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